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Student Life


A vital aspect of student life at TCS includes being involved activities outside the classroom.  We have exciting campus activities such service projects, mission trips, athletic teams, fine arts, and clubs to join.  The variety of opportunities allows for all students to not only be engaged in academics, but actively involved in school life. There is a place for every student to be part a co-curricular activity.

Spiritual Formation

More than any other aspect of our school, we are most excited and passionate about the possibility for authentic discipleship.  Our partnership with families in raising the next generation holds eternal value.  Everything done here at TCS is viewed as an opportunity to pour into the student body in a way that points them to Jesus.  Our goal is to graduate well-prepared young men and women who will be equipped to stand firm in their faith among the many challenges they will face in the years that follow their time at TCS.  


The fine arts have been recognized for centuries as a key component in a strong liberal arts education.  Contemporary research confirms the value of learning skills and developing creativity through the involvement in listening, moving, singing, playing, creating, and participating in the arts.  

The Fine Arts Department of TCS is dedicated to training Christian artists who will bring redemption and beauty to a fallen world.  Knowledgeable, talented instructors provide students active, hands-on experience in a variety of mediums including the visual, dramatic, musical, and graphic arts.

Every great culture needs creators, artists, inventors, designers, storytellers, performers to help shape the world.  At TCS, we believe every student has a gift, ability, or experience which can shape the world for God's glory.


Temple Christian School offers a wide range of athletic programs for our students. At Temple we believe that athletics are an intricate part of educating and equipping the whole student for God’s purpose in their lives. We believe that athletics is critical to the education of our students. It is on the athletic fields and courts where lessons such as teamwork, overcoming obstacles and adversity, and sacrifice and selflessness are best taught.

Our priorities in athletics are that our student-athletes grow spiritually from the experience of competing on our teams, that they learn to compete with a relentless spirit, that they develop great fundamentals and techniques, and that they learn how to win and lose with class and dignity. We understand we are training and preparing our student athletes for life naturally, spiritually and eternally.