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Booster Club


Temple Athletic Booster Club (TABC) is a ministry partner of Temple Christian School (TCS).  The purpose of TABC shall be to provide an organizational structure through which parents, relatives, TCS Administrators, TCS Athletic Department leaders, TCS Coaches, and all supporters of the TCS athletic programs can work together to enhance the student-athlete experience through fundraising activities, while also building on the spiritual objectives consistent with TCS’s outreach.  In doing so, we strive to unify these groups through direct involvement and support for the purpose of glorifying our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Booster Club Forms
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Temple Athletic Booster Club Executive Board Members

President – Richard Shoults

Vice President – Jaime Potter

Treasurer – Jennifer Flood

Secretary – Kendra Bina

Immediate Past President- Vacant

Members at Large – Donnie Alaniz,Greta Alexander,Brad Anderson,Kim Bell,Elizabeth DeAngelis,Lana Downing,Paige Faulkner,Darrell Howell,Kristal Lopez,Jimmy Ricks, Cesar Soto

TCS Representative- Lance Briley

TCS Athletic Director- Jeremy Bailey

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TCS Booster Club Sponsors