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Elementary Band 

The purpose of the TCS Elementary Band program is to equip each student with the essential knowledge and skills necessary to praise the Lord with an instrument. In addition to this, the student will gain valuable performance experience and music theory skills, which will benefit the child far beyond elementary school.

Middle School Band

In Middle School Band, students learn and continue to build on foundations of music theory, music notations, and individual instrument playing techniques. They also consistently demonstrate instrumental timbre individually, in small groups, and in a large ensemble setting. The curriculum focuses on giving the students a thorough and workable knowledge of musical perception, creative expression/performance, historical and cultural heritage, and critical evaluation-provide broad, unifying structure for organizing the knowledge and skills students are ezpected to acquire. In this band, students dvelop their intellect and refine their emotions as they make connections among music, the other arts, technology, and other aspects of social life. Through creative performance, students will apply their expressive technical skill of music and critical-thinking skills to evaluate multiple forms of problem solving. Middle School Band performs in local music competitions, to be determind by the Band Director.

High School Band

The TCS High School Band program is designed to expand and polish the student's musical skills and knowledge. By performing a variety of music, the band exposes musicians to a wide rage of culture and teaches appreciation not only for music, but also for the diversity of God's creation. A strong musical foundation for understanding is built by studying the history and eveolution of music. Attaining a complete working knowledge of music theory reinforces this understanding. Students are challenged to hone their instrumental skills through individual and group instruction using scales, exercises, band music, and solos that are cultivated as a group learns to work together for a common purpose. The ultimate goal of the TCS High School Band is to make students better stewards of all the gifts and talents that God had bestowed upon them, in music and in every other area of life. High School Band participates in TAPPS.

Melissa Jackson
Band Director