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Multi-Sport Athletes

The Temple Christian School Athletic Department strongly supports multi-sport participation vs. specialization.  Please look through the essays, articles, videos, and blog posts below from doctors, psychologists, trainers, athletes, parents, and coaches to get a sense of why we believe in the multi-sport model.   

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One sport may be too much (The Way:  Human Performance Institute, 2015) 

Ruining the athlete (The Gazette-Colorado Springs, 2015) 

Generation knife (Vice News, 2015) 

Single sport athletes don’t always win (, 2015) 

How to destroy your child's athletic future (Sport Factory, 2015) 

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Advice on Multi-Sports - Jake Odorizzi  (Positive Coaching Alliance, 2016) 

Encouraging multi-sport participation (NIAAA magazine, 2016) 

Injury rates higher for athletes who specialize in one sport  (NFHS, 2016) 

Highly specialized athletes more likely to be injured (Science Daily, 2016) 

Here's why you shouldn't pressure kids to specialize (Business Insider, 2016) 

Dr. James Andrews:  Don't specialize (Orlando Sentinel, 2016) 

The dangers of sport specialization  (USA Wrestling, 2016) 

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Urban Meyer isn't the only one who prefers multi-Sport Athletes  (Eleven Warriors, 2017) 

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Study finds specialization leads to injury (Athletic Business, 2017) 

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Broader impact (Training and Conditioning, 2017) 

Year-round sports push kids to the limit (Star Tribune, 2017) 

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Playing for more than scholarships (Des Moines Register, 2018) 

5 Reasons Colleges Love Multi-sport Athletes (Stack, 2018) 

Why multi-sport athletes should matter to administrators (NFHS, 2018) 

Over 90% of Super Bowl LIII Players Were Multisport Athletes (Coach & AD, 2019) 

Playing school-based sports a better option (NFHS, 2019) 

Early specialization a crime against youth athletes (Stack, 2019) 

Patrick Mahomes didn't stick to one sport... (Yahoosports, 2019) 

No kidding around: Renowned surgeon James Andrews stresses seriousness of youth sports injuries | High School Sports |