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The Eagle Vision


This has to be our ultimate goal. We are called to bring honor and glory to our Creator. We do this by imitating and reflecting his image in our thoughts, words and actions. No matter what we accomplish – how many games and championships we win, how many records we set, how many individual honors we attain – if we do not glorify God we are failures and all of our accomplishments are worthless.

Always treat others with dignity and respect. Failure to achieve this goal will devastate even the most talented team. Every member of the team and staff deserves to be respected and valued as a member of the team. Any team will always have a diverse group of personalities and individual players will tend to gravitate to people they are most like. The danger in this is that cliques may form and rivalries and jealousies begin to tear the team apart. No matter how different members of a team are they CAN be bound together by one common cause: THE DESIRE TO WIN! If this desire is strong enough in an individual, he or she will overlook negative feelings about a teammate and value him or her as an important part of the team.

Excellence is achieved by striving for perfection. We will urgently pursue perfection in all we do with all our might. It may not ever be possible to achieve perfection. But if we relentlessly pursue perfection, we will achieve excellence. Nothing will be done half-way, half-heartedly or indifferently. In everything we do, on the field or on the court, in the classroom or in the home, in our public or private lives, we will compete to excel and to win.

Always operate with pride, integrity and class. Our conduct should be above reproach in everything we do. You should have pride in being a member of the Eagle Athletic Program and in TCS. Team and school pride will bind you together uniting you with a common cause: to bring honor to TCS. This will also result in treating others (teammates, cheerleaders, other students, teachers, etc.) with respect and dignity.

Your moral integrity is the most priceless thing you possess. It is being able to say “yes” and “no” to the right and wrong things even when it is not the popular thing to do. It is being true to yourself and being honest with your teammates and coaches.

Class involves winning with honor and being gracious in a loss. It is keeping your poise and your mouth shut when the other team is talking trash and taking cheap shots. It is refusing to make excuses or blaming others (refs, teammates, coaches, etc.) for our failures. A state champion that lacks class is like a diamond ring in a pig’s snout.

This involves more than just doing what is required. This is an attitude that recognizes every practice, every drill, every lift, every sprint, every film and every meeting as an opportunity to get better. You don’t do things right once in a while, you do things right ALL THE TIME. No matter how little or insignificant the task (e.g. being on time, being dressed out, etc.) you make the commitment to do it right and to the best of your ability. Eighty-five percent of people take short cuts and look for the easy way. The other 15% sacrifice to do things right ALL THE TIME. THEY ARE THE WINNERS!

We want to be a program that makes no excuses. When a loser is corrected, he or she gives you an excuse. When winners are corrected, they keep their mouths shut and resolve within themselves to correct their mistakes. This is the greatest display of leadership I know. An athlete who refuses to be corrected is telling his or her teammates that they are perfect and know better than their coach. Their actions encourage others to resist correction and deny the team the opportunity to improve.