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Mission Statement

We do not have to remind you that the trajectory of our community and nation today is heartbreaking. The devastating effects of generational poverty are far too visible in our city in the forms of economic and moral poverty. Whole segments of our community are unemployed and unemployable increasing crime in our neighborhoods.

It is our undeniable belief this generational poverty is inseparably linked with educational poverty. When a child in our own city struggles to learn because she is in an under-resourced school, she cannot hear over the growling of her own belly; she is in fear for her own safety, and has no hope of breaking the cycle in her generation. We would all agree something has to be done. Despite all the efforts at educational reform, we look around Fort Worth and see far too many children still being left behind.

In keeping with the Mission and Vision of Temple Christian School, the Providence Program exists to provide a Biblical worldview education to socially and economically at-risk students in the greater Fort Worth community.  


Joe Hamstra
Director of Providence Program