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Elementary is a time of discovery, amazement, and excitement as students begin their life-long journey of learning. TCS believes in a traditional Christian education curriculum focusing on core subjects such as reading, writing, vocabulary, social studies, science, math and Bible. Special areas include music, art, STEM, library, Russian, Spanish and physical education, adding depth and great interest at each grade level.

Our Elementary Program:

  • uses creativity and innovation in the teaching of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and problem solving.
  • challenges imagination in writing, journaling and the fine arts.
  • strengthens reading, writing, and comprehension skills through the use of rigorous curriculum
  • promotes critical thinking and reasoning skills.
  • integrates Biblical worldview in every subject area of the curriculum.
  • discovers God’s truth while growing in knowledge of the Bible.
  • embraces personal uniqueness and God-given talents.

6th-8th GRADES

Traditional academic disciplines are taught through a Biblical worldview. Through a carefully cultivated academic program, 6th - 8th grade students learn to be connected, collaborative, resourceful, and creative in a 21st-century context. Their talents, energy, and character are stretched as they are challenged to begin developing into the young men and women God planned for them to become. Students are exposed to a wide range of opportunities in discipleship, academics, fine arts, and athletics.

The middle school years are a time of transition where students grow in their level of responsibility:

  • Responsibility in taking ownership of their faith in Jesus Christ
  • Responsibility in their actions and words which either build others up or tear them down
  • Responsibility in their academics to develop a system of organization, note-taking, and study skills that help them maximize their abilities.

Our goal at TCS is to walk alongside you and your student as they start to navigate life as a teenager, with complex feelings, relationships and challenges.

9th-12th GRADES

The high school years are some of the most formative of our lives. We take the responsibility of preparing students for the next chapter of life by integrating a Biblical worldview into every subject. From the moment they join us, our caring faculty and staff are working to prepare your son or daughter spiritually and academically for life beyond graduation. We strive to get students ready and excited about the challenges and surprises that await them.

At Temple Christian School, the high school range of courses and varying levels of academic rigor are designed to provide an individualized scholastic experience based upon a student’s ability, aptitude, and level of interest.

Our High School Program:

  • provides class offerings in the areas of Bible, mathematics, English, science, social studies, fine arts, foreign language, business and computer, health, and physical education.
  • Offers Honors Dual Credit classes in major subject areas.
  • assists students with course selection as well as college entrance testing and preparation skills needed in the college application process.
  • trains students to live out Christian principles and Biblical truths as they develop strong character.
  • includes weekly chapels with programs that deepen students’ convictions and spiritual maturity.
  • encourages students to participate in a variety of sports offerings, band, orchestra, choir, digital photography, and theatre arts.
  • through Project Lead the Way (PLTW), TCS provides a K-12 engineering pathway with supporting curriculum. Through a Biblical worldview lens, STEM education is the intentional integration of a transdisciplinary approach in the application of skills and associated practices of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM education is a culture of next-generation thinkers and planners and exists in any student-led environment where students use computational-thinking to create, design, engineer, and apply solutions to real world problems, and where they develop the skills to articulate concepts in a meaningful way


Temple Christian School offers individualized learning support under the supervision of Learning Support Services. The purpose of Learning Support Services is to provide specific student learning support in order to achieve grade-level success within the current TCS curriculum and to aid parents in successfully helping their children at home.

Elementary students needing minor tutoring or extra help will be given one-on-one, small group, and/or in-class assistance. Secondary students are served on a variety of levels. Students may receive services for remedial academic help, organizational skills, time management, and general help with success in the classroom. Students with a current medical or educational diagnostic evaluation may receive extended time and a more detailed academic plan.