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Student Referral Program


We know the best advertisement for any school is satisfied parents. So, instead of expensive advertising campaigns, we want to allow you to share your TCS experience with others and benefit from taking the time to do this. Temple Christian School offers the opportunity to receive a $500 discount to every current TCS family who brings a new family to TCS, and there is no limit to how many families you can receive credits for!

The plan is simple. Encourage a new family (defined as never having a student registered in any Temple ministry) to enroll and receive a $500 tuition credit on your bill when the new family's first semester is complete. (The family MUST list your family on the enrollment application in order to qualify.) In addition, the new family will receive a $200.00 tuition credit. The new family must apply 24 hours after an evening Open House Event for either family to receive credit. If you refer a new family and they apply outside of an evening Open House Event, a $200.00 tuition credit will be given to the referring family.  Families referring students who enroll for a new school year will receive a tuition credit in February.

Families referring a new student who starts after the first nine weeks or after will receive the credit the following September, as the student must complete a full semester before a referring family can receive a credit. One credit for new family will be issued, regardless of how many new students are in that family. There is no limit to how many credits can be received, but IRS rules require TCS to issue a 1099 tax form to any family receiving more than $600 tuition credit.