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Portrait of a TCS Graduate


TCS desires to raise up a generation of Godly leaders that have a heart for God, a mind for truth, and a passion for the world.  TCS desires that its students, upon graduation, are the next generation of Christian leaders that seek to impact our ever-changing world(Vision) with the power of the Gospel.  TCS graduates are Godly and inspired leaders that have a passion to learn, the courage to lead, and a commitment to serve with their God-given talents in the fulfillment of God's purpose for their lives(Mission).  TCS graduates live their lives based upon truth, striving for excellence in all they do; living their lives above reproach so a lost and dying world can see Christ in them; and sharing the principles of Kingdom education to all they serve for the honor and glory of God(Core Values).

  1. Service: Heart for God and Others
  2. Learn: A Mind for Truth
  3. Lead: A Passion for the Worl