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Ministry Safe


Ministry Safe helps organizations protect children from sexual abuse.  While this is not a comfortable topic to discuss, it is a reality in the world we live in, and ignoring it will not make the problem disappear, nor will it protect our young people. 

Ministry Safe is a multi layered training which includes:  sexual abuse awareness training, a screening process, explanation of policies and procedures, and a criminal back ground check.  This will all be done at the expense of TCS, and no expense will be paid by any of our volunteers other than their time.  The leaders of our different volunteer groups will have all of the information necessary for any parent to begin the Ministry Safe training.

Ministry Safe Steps:
  1. Download all documents or receive a printed version from Temple Christian School.  Printed versions can be obtained in the administration office, or from the volunteer coordinator with whom you are working.

  2. Complete and turn in all paperwork to the administration office. Please only turn in COMPLETED PACKETS (this includes the complete application, references, and signed Statement of Acknowledgement and Agreement of the Child Safety Policies).

  3. Once your packet has been processed and a full background check has been run, you will receive an email to a link which will allow you to watch the video presentations. The presentation is broken into multiple videos.  The total presentation will take approximately one hour to watch.

  4. Once the video presentation is complete, take the online quiz to receive your ministry safe certification. You may print out the certificate of completion if you like, but it does not need to be turned into the school.  The school will be notified of your completion.

What if I have already done Ministry Safe with another organization?

The above steps still must be followed, with the exception of watching the video presentations.  If you have watched these videos in the past 12 months and you feel confident you can pass the quiz, you are not required to watch the videos again.

How long does Ministry Safe certification last?

Certification lasts two years.