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International Students



** We do not accept International Students mid year

Step 1. The following documents must be completed and submitted to the Temple Christian School Administration office to be considered for acceptance to TCS:

  • New Student Online Application form-TCS will consider 12th grade students on a case by case basis
  • Immunization records-with complete dates and validated with doctor’s signature or clinic stamp
  • Passport–copy
  • Guarantee of funds letter-from your financial institution and Documentation of Living Expenses Paid.
  • Current Photo of Student
  • Report (Grade) Cards-prior year and current year (all students), a complete transcript of credits (9th-12th grade students only)
  • Teacher/Administrator Recommendation forms–6th-12th grade students from their current homeroom teacher-This form is in the new student application login
  • Pastoral Student Recommendation letter (6th-12th secondary students only)
  • Students must be proficient enough in English to be competitive in the classroom. A minimum score of 480-500 on the TOEFL test (or internet based 55-61) or a 50 or higher on the SLEP test is required
  • Secondary Questionnaire (6th-12th grade students only)-PDF at the bottom of the page
  • Guardian/Host Family Information Form for International Students
  • Program Rules and Conditions of Enrollment for International Students
  • Host Parent Questionnaire [questionnaire to be completed by host parent(s) if student is not living with parents.]
  • Student Information Form for SEVIS Form I-20
  • General Power of Attorney / Letter of Guardianship (see disclaimer on form)
  • Transfer Clearance Form (complete and give to current school ONLY if student is already attending school in U.S.)

Step 2. Enrollment will be considered after all forms and requested documents have been presented for review and a student/parent interview has been completed. A Skype interview will be scheduled with the applicant/parents and the school Principal. When the review processes, and Skype interview, are complete, you will be notified to confirm or deny continuance of the registration process. If the student is accepted, at this point we will issue the I20 form.

Step 3. Before arrival of your student at TCS, your Online Enrollment forms must be completed; non-refundable initial payment and other required fees (listed below in the Student Information page) are due. Students are not considered enrolled until the online enrollment forms are submitted and application fee, initial payment, tuition, and all applicable fees are paid.

Required Documents