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Achievement Testing

TCS uses the ACT Core Assessment Suite. The ACT Test, a curriculum-based education and career-planning tool, is the leading college readiness assessment in the United States. Assessment, done right, is about creating a more holistic view of students so that together, we can help our young people make the most of their potential. 

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Kindergarten teachers will be using online education software called ESGI (Educational Software for Guiding Instruction) throughout the year. This program will aide teachers in tracking student mastery of letters, sounds, sight words, number sense, and more. Instead of only one week-long assessment, teachers will assess students more frequently. This will allow them to find gaps in learning more quickly and adapt their instruction as needed. Personalized letters and student practice cards will come home periodically to help guide parents with at-home practice.

Students in first and second grade will continue to take achievement tests every April. Students are tested using the Educational Development Series through Scholastic Testing Service, Inc. Students will take a standardized battery of ability and achievement tests during testing week. This test will be similar to standardized tests taken in the past.

Students will be taking the ACT Aspire in April. The ACT Aspire Assessment System is a vertically scaled, standards-based system of assessments that monitors student growth and progress toward college and career readiness. It is anchored by the ACT test. This year, students will take a summative assessment in April. This assessment will help guide classroom instruction as well as accurately predict students’ future scores on the ACT, which they will take beginning their junior year.

Eighth graders and freshman will take the PreACT 8/9 in April. This assessment is an early ACT test practice experience. Scores provide valuable insights into students’ predicted performance on the PreACT and the ACT. Reporting includes both academic and career indicators, which are designed to identify strengths and areas for improvement, providing a complete view of students’ college and career readiness. Students can have an earlier indication of success and a starting point on the path to college and career.

Sophomores will take the PreACT in April. PreACT provides students with a structured testing environment similar to what they will experience when taking the ACT, ACT test-quality questions, and predictive scores on the familiar 1-36 scale. Students receive a personalized view of college and career possibilities – based on their answers to the ACT Interest Inventory – which can help them start thinking about career paths. Students may opt to have their information shared with colleges and scholarship agencies when they take PreACT, providing greater opportunities for recruitment and scholarship awards.

Juniors will take the ACT with Writing. The test will be administered at TCS during the school day. As the leading US college admissions test, ACT scores are accepted by every 4-year college and university and provide students with access to many scholarships. For some students, this experience may help them realize they have the skills to perform college-level coursework. 


ACT Prep Materials

This is a FREE online instructional content platform for students K-12. It is a personalized and blended learning tool for adaptive instruction, intervention and test practice. We highly recommend signing up your child at to begin practicing (choose “I am a Parent” to get started). Once students have taken the PreACT or ACT, they may enter their scores for a more personalized program experience.

Please famliarize yourself with the information provided here BEFORE test day. Click Here for the Superscore Calculator.

Jennifer Weiman
Testing Coordinator