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2019-2020 Secondary Curriculum List


Secondary students (grades 6-12) are required to purchase their own textbooks. Please check the lists below to be sure that you have the correct books for your student as some changes have been made. Books may be purchased through any vendor you choose. MBS Direct is a vendor that TCS directly works with for ordering textbooks. You may access the online bookstore here.

All students are required to have their books on the first day of classes. E-Books are allowed for high school students only unless otherwise noted on the Curriculum List. If you have questions about this list, please contact Mrs. Stringer at

The links below are the curriculum lists by grade. All workbooks and novels must be unmarked.

2019-2020 Curriculum Lists 


Summer Reading Requirements can be found on the myTCS.

Dual Credit Courses

TCS gives students the opportunity to enroll in dual credit courses (allowing both high school and college credit simultaneously). Students taking dual-credit courses still pays full tuition at TCS.

TCS allows dual enrollment with Tarrant County College and Grand Canyon University (GCU) as an affordable and efficient way for high school students to gain a head start on their college degree. GCU is committed to ensuring that high school students experience the same level of instruction, resources and rigor as our traditional college students. Click here for enrollment information.