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Back-To-School FAQ

Academic Options & Requirements

Students may be on campus 5 days a week, every other day (A/B hybrid schedule), or completely remote. 

Students on the hybrid schedule are split into two groups, A and B.  Week one, A students attend M,W,F while B students attend T, Th.  Week 2, they flop—A students attend T,Th and B students attend M,W,F. 

We are asking parents to commit to a schedule in 3 week blocks.  In the 3rd week, a parent may request a change in either of the three options.   

At any time, a parent may choose to go to remote. 

Yes.  Remote learning students are expected to attend all scheduled Google Meet video conferences during their assigned class periods.   

Students will be able to function on campus without an electronic device, but the older they are the more it would be beneficial. 

The school network is filtered and was upgraded this summer.  Of course, these filters should work WITH the content filters and accountability software parents have installed on their student's devices.  Please feel free to reach out for suggestions if you have questions regarding what is available.

Learning Management System

All students at TCS, whether in-person or at-home, will be able to access daily classwork, assignments, homework, resources and instruction using Google Classroom.

Each student is being assigned an email address which will allow them to log in to Google Classroom.  Detailed instructions regarding Google Classroom for parents and students will be sent by Miss Weiman the week before school starts. 

Google Classroom is a learning management system much like Renweb’s “LMS” which was used by many teachers last spring.  However, it is simpler and has better functionality. 

Google Meet is Google’s version of Zoom.  It is a video conferencing tool which will allow remote learners access to the classroom. 

Most days the teachers will have a Google Meet video meeting, but not necessarily EVERY day.  However, there will be assignments every day.  For instance, a teacher might lecture 3 days a week.  The other days might be reading assignments, quizzes, writing assignments, etc, which can be accomplished independently.   Students would not have to log in to attend a Google Meet video class on days there is no direct instruction, but will still be required to log in to Google Classroom. 

The current plan is for teachers to record sessions that do not have 100% attendance and save them in the shared Classroom Drive (cloud storage area).  Students can view these on their own time, but the opportunity to interact with the teacher is during the live Google Meet sessions. 


Students who are playing in season (volleyball players during volleyball season)  must attend SST and practice every day even if they are hybrid or remote.   

Students who are hybrid or remote and not in season do not have to attend SST when not on campus but will have an SST workout to do from home.   

Students on campus, either 5 days a week or hybrid, may be picked up BEFORE their SST period (or leave if old enough to drive) but will have an SST workout to do from home.  Students still on campus must attend their SST class and participate. 

Each SST class will be given two locker rooms instead of one to dress out in, allowing for better social distancing (two boys locker rooms, two girls locker rooms). 

Campus Operations

Large gathering spaces like the cafeteria will be limited in capacity.  The current plan is to allow 3 students per table. 

Yes. TCS’s plan is to have chapel on Wednesday for secondary and every other Friday for elementary.  Chapel will either be very limited in capacity with most watching remotely, or will be completely remote.  There will be an established schedule/rotation for classes to attend chapel in the auditorium, if allowed.  All other classes/students will attend chapel in their classrooms via a Live Stream video.   Chapel plans are currently being evaluated.

The maximum number of students in a classroom will continue to be limited by the cap that TCS has currently set for each grade level.  In addition, the number of students in any one classroom will also depend on the number of students/families choosing hybrid and remote education. 

However, desks will be spread out within the classroom space as much as physically possible.  TCS has limited classroom furniture to school-issued, essential furniture to maximize the space available for physical distancing.   

Yes.  Students will have to wear a mask and sit no more than one to a seat while alternating seats when possible. 

Operation Levels

Green means we are functioning Pre-Covid 19 rules.  This probably will not occur until a vaccine is available or cases somehow drastically drop. 

Yellow means we follow safety and social distancing protocols shared in our Back-To-School plan and parents have the option of 5 day a week, hybrid A/B schedule, or completely remote. 

Orange means all students are on an A/B hybrid schedule or remote.  (This might be done only for secondary while leaving elementary on yellow, or vice versa). 

Red means all students have moved to complete remote learning. 

Yes, all siblings will be on the same A or B schedule. 

Our desire is to start on Yellow, but a final decision will be made the week before school begins. 

TCS administration will continue to consult best guidance by state, county, and educational leaders while monitoring cases in Tarrant County as well as on campus. 

Health and Wellness

Yes. TCS is planning on performing temperature checks and health screenings for all staff, and requiring parents to screen students before leaving for school every morning. 

Students in grades K-12 will be required to wear a facial covering when they arrive on campus and throughout the day.  However, students WILL be allowed to remove them once they are seated and remain at their desk within their classroom. Elementary will not wear face coverings during recess or PE.  It is recommended “neck gaiters” be worn by elementary students as they can be easily pulled up and down and not as easy to lose. 

Teachers who are high risk may require students to wear face coverings all period.

Teachers will follow the same guidelines as students.  Teachers who teach more than 6 feet away from students are not required to wear masks or face shields.  If they cannot be 6 feet away, teachers will be wearing clear face shields while teaching in the classroom, as it will be important for students to see their faces as they are teaching.

TCS will notify the health department, as well as our parents, and follow the guidelines and recommendations from the CDC and TEA regarding protocols for when students/teachers present symptoms or test positive for COVID-19.  TCS has established a dedicated quarantine area in the health room.  PPE will be used while caring for the student/staff while on campus.  All contact points and potentially exposed physical spaces will be disinfected/sanitized.  TCS will sanitize/disinfect the school regularly throughout the day and every night.  Lastly, anyone who has tested positive, or has come in close contact with someone who has tested positive will be required to stay at home and self-quarantine until conditions for re-entry outlined in the return to school plan are met.  They will immediately transition to Remote Education.