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Laechele Stapleton
Laechele Stapleton
Kindergarten, MS Cheer
Phone: 817-457-0770
Groups: Faculty & Staff,Athletics

I am Laechele Stapleton and I teach Kindergarten. This will be my 19th year to teach at TCS. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in education from Eastern New Mexico University.

I am married to a wonderful man, Steve, and we have four children, two boys, Cameron and Cayden, and two girls Caulder and Campbelle. I also have the cutest little granddaughter in the world, and her name is Leighton Rey!!  I am so blessed as a wife, a mother and a Lolli!

I feel called to be a teacher, and working at Temple makes my heart happy! I am excited about this year and all the fun we will have in Kindergarten.