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Enrollment Process

Dear Parent:
Thank you for inquiring about Temple Christian School. Our students receive quality physical, academic, and spiritual training in a Christian setting. Returning students make up a high percentage of our student body which reflects both parent and student satisfaction with the TCS program.
We have an online application/enrollment process. Please read through the information listed under Admissions on our website ( Both student and parent should read the current student handbook available on the TCS website. After examining this information, if you would like to apply for admission to TCS, please follow these procedures:

1. Read the information on our website carefully and completely.
2. Schedule a campus tour, if desired. (Call the administrative office to schedule tours.)
3. Submit an online application, and pay application/testing fees (all but $25 of the enrollment fee is refundable if child does not pass entrance test or is not accepted by the Admissions Committee. Enrollment fees are non-refundable for any other reason. Testing fees are non-refundable.)
4. Immediately following submission of the application, the forms listed below must be submitted by mail, fax, hand-delivered or completed online:
5. Standard of Conduct/ Honor Code (grades 6-12) (Submit online )
6. Statement of Cooperation and Code of Conduct(all grades)(Submit online)
7. Pastor’s recommendation (grades 6-12) attesting to student’s church attendance and character.
8. Immunization records (all grades) signed by a medical professional. This is a state requirement.
9. Transcript or academic records from previous school. K-5th: last report card; 6-12th: most current standardized test if coming from public school; most current standardized testing if coming from private school. Also any Educational Diagnostic Evaluations or 504/IEP paperwork.
10. Copy of birth certificate This is a state requirement
11. Teacher Recommendation Form (grades 1-12)
12. Once your application is submitted our office will contact you to schedule an appointment for admission testing. Each student needs to bring two #2 pencils to the test. Tests for students entering grades 1-2 will last about 1 hr., grades 4-12 will last 1 1/2 hrs or longer. All incoming students are tested to assure they can successfully function in our curriculum.
13. If your child successfully passes the tests you will be contacted by a TCS administrator to finalize enrollment online. (You will also be notified promptly should your child fail to achieve the minimum scores. Retesting may be available) an appointment may be made for you to review the test. The administrator will schedule an in-person interview with all secondary students.

May the Lord guide you in your decision concerning investing in your child’s future at Temple Christian School.
Neil Childs