TCS Annual Fund




Who :  You, me, everyone!  The Annual Fund’s greatest success is when every Board member, teacher, parent and friend participates in giving.  All gifts, regardless of the size demonstrate support for the students of Temple Christian School and an investment in the future.  Every gift matters.  Participation is important because many foundations only fund schools that evidence wide support by their board of trustees, faculty and parents. 

We also ask you share this opportunity with anyone who might be interested in giving.  Many grandparents, close friends and relatives, and even businesses look for opportunities to give.  All gifts are tax deductible.


What :  A replacement to selling magazines, fun runs, or any other general fundraiser.  We are simply asking our parents to give according to how they are led in order to allow our school to do things we could not do otherwise with a tuition based budget.  (This year we are focusing on security upgrades on campus).


When:  Now!  Our goal this year is to have 100% participation within 100 days.  We have already raised almost $40,000 to date between staff giving and giving at the annual fund dinner.  We ask all gifts or pledges to be to be in by December 5th.


How:  You may give a onetime gift or a monthly pledge.  Gifts may be given by cash or check, or you may use the online tuition payment and mark it as “Annual Fund”.


Why:  Please consider giving to the annual fund to help better equip Temple Christian School to train the next generation of young people to change  the world with the power of the gospel!



Once again, we ask you prayerfully consider what you could do to make TCS an even more awesome place for our students!