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Philosophy of Technology

Philosophy of Technology

At Temple, we believe technology is one of many tools which allow a classroom to be successful. We believe we have the best educators who are discipling the best students in the DFW area, and now we are pushing to have a technology plan which empowers both student and teacher to achieve their best.

The Technology Committee has been commissioned by the school administration to plot a course for increased use of technology in the classroom by all students and teachers. It has been universally recommended no major program would work without significant infrastructrure updates, and so we are completely rebuilding Temple’s computer network from the ground up.

These upgrades will provide the support for our teachers and students to use the many tools available which connect with the educational opportunities that abound. Since there are so many technology options available for the classroom, and since our focus is to be as wise as possible while still meeting the needs of our families, the technology committee has done an in depth study as to what tool(s) would be most effective in our classrooms.

We have chosen a path frequently called “one-to-one” implementation of technology, which is commonly described as the setting in which each student in the high school will be using an individual technology device in the classroom on a frequent basis. And while there is no single perfect tool for students, we have tried to thoroughly investigate the potential of many devices. After much deliberation the committee has chosen the laptop computer for the use of students on campus on a regular basis. The laptop was chosen as the best tool because it offers much larger storage space (for e-textbooks, novels and technical works for various parts of any curriculum), word processing software capability, wireless capability, the advantage of a keyboard, and [depending on the price] the potential to function much like a tablet.

You may furnish your student with the laptop of your choice that meets or exceeds the specifications listed at the end of this letter. Purchase a warranty plan if you wish, but be sure that you as the consumer will be getting your money’s worth. In the process of our research we have learned that some companies (Lenovo is an example.) offer an on-sight, next-day repair service warranty, and we’re sure that many other types of repair/replacement offers are available. We also highly recommend that a protective slip cover be purchased for your student’s computer…an investment of $25 to $50 may prolong the useful life of an expensive investment. Additionally, please remember that computers are like calculators…they are frequently hard to tell apart. Personalizing your student’s computer in some fashion might help your student be sure that their computer stays in their possession. To help minimize the initial cost to parents and students, Apache Open Office (a free download) is a reasonable substitute for Microsoft Office.

We’ll be issuing guidelines that we feel will serve your student’s best interests with regard to increased use of technology on campus. If you have further questions about the purchase of your laptop, please contact Mr. Larry Ravelo, our Director of Technology, at the phone number or e-mail address listed below.

Thank you for helping us explore how we will implement the laptop and various software applications associated with it. This is the next step in a process which we desire will better prepare our students to succeed in the future. As always, we understand you have choices in your child's education, and we are thankful you have chosen Temple.

Laptop Information



Operating System

PC: Windows XP
Mac: OS X

PC: Windows 7,
Mac: OS X 10.6+





Windows XP: 1GB
Windows 7: 2 GB Mac OS X: 512 MB

4 GB+


40 GB

250 GB+




Screen Size



Battery Life


5 Hours +


Built‐in or External B/G/N Protocol

Built--‐in A/B/G/N Protocol

Brand Name


Apple, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Acer, Samsung

Additional Software


PC: Microsoft Office 2010***
Mac: Microsoft Office for
Mac 2011 or iWork 2011***

* Any new laptop purchased should meet and/or exceed the requirements listed above. The minimum requirements are more geared towards laptops already owned that might be a few years old.

** Screen size is more an issue of user preference. Laptops with screens larger than 15” provide excellent viewing areas, but tend to make the laptop larger and less portable. Laptops with screens less than 15”, such as the Apple MacBook Air or a netbook are extremely portable, but may be more difficult to see. 15” represents a balance between viewing size and portability.

*** We will be using Google Apps for Education, which includes web--‐based word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software. No additional software is necessary. If you would like additional help in determining if your laptop would be suitable or if you would like to discuss recommendations for purchase, please contact:

Larry Ravelo
6824 Randol Mill Rd.
Fort Worth, Texas 76120
817-457-0770 ext. 397

We also recommend:

  • extended warranty plan
  • accident insurance
  • a slip cover or carry bag