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Extra-Curricular Eligibility Policy

Extra-Curricular Eligibility Policy

One of the primary goals of TCS is to assure all students are progressing academically at a pace which would ensure their graduation with a comprehensive Christian education. Should a student fall behind in school work, the school feels the student’s full attention should be directed to bringing their studies up to satisfactory levels. Because of this the school enforces academic eligibility requirements for participation in all extracurricular activities.


A student must maintain academic eligibility to participate in any competitive athletics at any level; cheerleading; choir competitions or off-campus performances; band competition or performances which are off campus or are conducted in connection with any competitive event (i.e. performing at football games); Spring musicals; Youth in Government or similar competition; and competition or off campus performances or activities by any other extracurricular club, organization or activity (including such groups as NHS, NJHS, CLC, etc.). Eligibility requirements are not enforced on students leading or participating in chapel or worship services conducted on campus or on students attending field trips during the school day. (Managers or helpers in any area must also maintain eligibility).


A. Any student who fails one class at the end of a grading period will be suspended from competition or performance participation for three weeks. The student may continue to practice during this time.


1. The grading periods are the first nine weeks, first semester, and third nine weeks. Progress reports do not impact eligibility.


2. Suspension will begin on the day report cards are issued.


3. Grades are evaluated by the principal and/or athletic director three weeks after report cards are issued. If the student is no longer failing the class, eligibility is restored.


4. If, after the three week ineligibility period, the individual is still failing that class, he or she will be ineligible for one additional week. Eligibility will be restored if the student is no longer failing the class. In the event that the student is still failing the class, grades will then be checked at one-week intervals until the student is passing.


B. A student must be in before 9:00 am in order to participate in an activity that day. An exception would be made if the student had an approved medical appointment, funeral (etc). In this case the student must present a signed statement from the Doctor or the parent/guardian.


C. Any student who is ineligible for due to grades or D-Halls cannot miss any classes or school days to attend a co-curricular event.