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Dress Guidelines

The general rule to follow is that all students are to dress modestly and in a manner appropriate to the academic day. Students are not to wear clothing that promotes rock music, drugs, alcohol, immoral behavior, questionable movies, gangs, or anything using profanity. We appreciate your cooperation and support in these matters. Students or parents visiting during school hours should abide by the general spirit of these guidelines. Realizing no rules can cover all styles, the school reserves the right to evaluate any attire worn by a student. Students coming to school out of uniform may be issued uniform items from the school store or required to return home to change. The items will be billed on the next monthly statement. Parents should send a note or email if emergency circumstances cause the problem.
LoneStar Team Gear provides the only acceptable slacks and shorts for boys and girls and the only acceptable skirts and skorts for girls. Elementary girls may wear uniform jumpers. Khaki, black and plaid are available in most garments. TCS long and short sleeve polos, sweatshirts, cardigans, required spandex and required jackets are sold through the school uniform store located in the administration building. Elementary students may opt to wear regular cut blue jeans instead of uniform pants. Beginning with the school term 2016-2017, secondary girls must wear TCS spandex shorts underneath all PE shorts and uniform skirts. Spandex must be purchased through the school uniform store.

Parents and students should understand that students arriving on campus out of harmony with the TCS dress and appearance guidelines may be subjected to the following actions: warning, issuance and billing of proper uniform item, detention, requirement to correct the problem while on campus, requirement to return home to change, confiscation of non-approved item, or a fine.