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Eastside Ministries

Eastside Ministries is located just a few miles from Temple Christian School and its sole purpose, without discrimination, is to serve local needy families living in zip codes 76103, 76112, and 76120. The elderly, handicapped, poor, and homeless in these areas can receive donated clothing and food vitally necessary to their survival.

Temple Christian School helps by regularly donating to Eastside Ministries.


Temple regularly donates unclaimed lost and found clothing items to Eastside Ministries, as well as occasionally sponsoring clothing drives.

Food Pantry

Temple gathers Thanksgiving baskets for donation, with each bag being able to provide a Thanksgiving meal for a needy family.  Last year, TCS donated 266 bags, which in turn fed 266 families on Thanksgiving Day!

More information on Eastside Ministries can be found at: