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Cook Children's Hospital



Temple began serving Cook Children's Hospital in 2013 and was the first school volunteer group the hospital has ever contacted and requested to come back!!  Each visit the workers are amazed with how much our students are able to accomplish.  Volunteers from Temple help in four main areas:


      Parent Pantry

Parent Pantry provides 24 hours of food to a parent without resources at the hospital. As most come to the hospital via emergency and need time to gather resources, this is everything for one person in one bag.  The bags are plain white paper, so the students decorate bags with smiles and encouraging messages – no doubt brightening a parents’ day.

Book Brigade

Groups of students go all over the Medical Center campus, retrieve the carts, empty them of trash, clean them, sort 2 pallets of books based on age appropriateness, fill the carts, and take them back to their original locations – Book Carts provide a source of comfort and distraction in our patient waiting areas.

Water Watcher Tags

This is a project Cooks does annually with Community Health Outreach to teach water safety to the community.  The groups assemble over 3500 educational packets and tags – which because of their efforts could save lives at the pools this summer.  

ER Coloring Bags

The assembly line of students unpack bulk packages of crayons, sort them into groups, run off copies of coloring pages, and stuff over 1000 baggies – the crayon packets are another source of distraction and comfort for our patients waiting to be seen in the ER.