Congratulations to Dylan Sands!!!!

Dylan entered 2 categories this year, was supposed to be 3 but kitchen mishap had that one biting the dust! He entered his most ambitious dessert to date the 3 layered Italian Cream Cake. Start to finish he did everything by himself and brought home not only 1st place but also the highest award handed out- Best of Show! Out of 13 categories and over 100 entries, Dylan's cake beat them all!!!!! We are so proud of him! This is the first year to enter without his great grandmother there with us. She entered for almost 60 years and taught us all to bake! I entered as did Bailey but neither of us ever got this coveted win! Best of Show is the best way to honor her legacy and carry on her love for baking and being the best!! I hope you can share our pride in the fact that he worked So hard to achieve this goal! Also he won $35 in cash and $550 in Kitchen Craft cookware!! But that giant purple ribbon is the coolest prize!!