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Financial Aid Application


FACTS Application

  1. Visit the FACTS Grant and Aid assessment website at and submit a completed application and application fee.

  2. Submit copies of your current W-2 and 1040 tax forms. FACTS may also request any supplemental schedules you file with your taxes.

**ALL forms must be received by FACTS before eligibility is determined.

  1. FACTS will send notification of your verified application to the finance office. Applications cannot be verified until all information and tax documentation is submitted. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for the application to be verified.

  2. The Finance Committee will review the FACTS assessment and send the applicant a Financial Aid Award Offer in writing via email.

  3. Application for financial aid is due at the time of or prior to enrollment.

  4. Financial aid will be awarded based on need, as funds are available. Class availability will also be considered.

  5. Tuition will be assessed at the full tuition rate until the financial aid application is verified and the Finance Committee makes a financial aid award offer in writing.

  6. Families receiving other forms of tuition discounts (e.g. Temple Baptist Church Member Discount) may apply for financial aid. The Finance Committee will take into account all discounts and scholarships a student is receiving when making Financial Aid Award Offers.

  7. Financial aid awards are for the specified academic year only. Application for financial aid must be applied for each school year.