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Temple has adopted the BJU Press curriculum for all subjects unless otherwise noted. BJU teaches each subject through a Biblical worldview, engages students with age-appropriate content, and encourages critical thinking.

Students also participate in weekly elective classes including Spanish, art, music, physical education, and computer.

Students will learn to identify the characters in a story, handle a book correctly, identify between fiction and non-fiction, identify and produce initial sounds, identify and produce rhymes, connect and produce letter sounds, identify upper and lowercase letters, write their first name correctly, communicate with their peers, and develop the parts of a story.

Students will learn to count, identify numbers, use concepts of position and direction, identify basic shapes, compare lengths, make patterns, sort objects, and identify colors.

Students will identify parts of the body, identify dangerous situations, use senses to make observations, explain and use healthy habits, identify and describe people in their community, articulate their first name, last name, and age.

Using the A Beka curriculum, students engage in Bible timeline accounts on a systematic yearly basis. Students are introduced to accounts from the Old and New Testaments. Students memorize Scripture on a weekly basis. They also enjoy singing and praying together each day.

Students will learn to hold a pencil and crayon correctly, cut with scissors, and perform common gross motor skills.

Students will learn to sit attentively, following classroom routines and instructions, take care of environment and materials, follow directions and tasks, cooperate and share with peers, take care of their own needs, express needs and feelings appropriately, respond appropriately to the feelings of others, manage transitions, and use simple strategies to solve problems independently.