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Student/Parent Handbook



Updates to the handbook are always available here on the TCS website. Changes are made regularly and the PDF version is the only official version. All students are held responsible for knowing and abiding by the regulations in the Student Handbook.

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Temple Christian School admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.

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Application for Admission – Submit the online application. Please read the handbook completely.

Testing Fees and Records – The testing fee and registration fee are paid online. Your child's immunization record, a copy of a state issued Birth Certificate and a copy of your child's last school report card or transcript to the administration office. Students will not be permitted to attend classes until file is complete.

Entrance Testing – All enrolling students must be tested. You will be contacted to schedule a date for your child to take the entrance test. Student interviews are given the same day as the entrance exam for 6-12 grade students. A parent and the student would attend this interview.

Teacher Recommendation from Former School – All transfer students must submit a recommendation completed by a former teacher or a letter to the school board explaining why this cannot be done.

Letter of Recommendation – All students (grades 6-12) are required to submit a letter of recommendation from their pastor or church official. Parents and students (grades 6-12) must sign the Temple Christian School Standard of Student Conduct and the "Eagle Honor Code".

Probation – All new students are admitted for a nine-week probationary period.

Student Agreement to Attend – Temple Christian does not admit nor retain teen-age students who do not want to attend this school.

Financial Contract – All families have a contract with the TCS indicating the amount and due date of tuition. According to contract, neither report cards nor transcripts will be issued to families whose accounts are in arrears. This includes accessing grade via Renweb. Accounts of seniors must be paid in full prior to release of transcripts and diplomas.

Re-enrollment – Each student at TCS is evaluated for behavior and academic compatibility after each semester. If the administration determines the student is lacking in either of these areas, he or she will not be allowed to re-enroll. Continued enrollment at TCS is contingent upon a student demonstrating a commitment to the mission, values, and principles of Temple Christian Schools. Re-enrollment is not necessarily guaranteed to any student who simply completes an academic year or to students who register early. If a student is not permitted to re-enroll, any early registration fees paid will be refunded.

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Students Arrive: 7:30-8:00
Regular Classes Begin: 8:00
All Regular Classes End: 3:20
Homework Remediation/Detention: 3:20-4:00

Note: Students needing to be on campus before 7:30 or after 4:00 fall under the care of Temple Days Daycare. See Before/After School Care for more information.

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1.  Regular school attendance is a vital part of a student's academic success. Students must be in attendance for at least 90% of the days school is in session during a semester in order to receive credit for a class.

2.  Students who have accumulated more than the allowed number of absences during a semester may, for extenuating circumstances, present a written appeal to the school. The following absences may be submitted for consideration regarding extenuating circumstances:

  • Personal illness
  • Sickness or death in the family
  • Quarantine
  • Weather or road conditions making travel dangerous
  • Days of suspension
  • Medical or dental appointments
  • Any other unusual cause acceptable to the appropriate school committee.

3.  The deadline for making such an appeal is the last day of the semester in question. Alternate ways, such as make up days during the TCS Summer School, may be made available to students who need to make up work or regain time lost because of excessive absences.

Procedure for Reporting Absences
  1. When a student is absent from school due to illness, the parent or guardian is requested to telephone or email the appropriate school attendance office on the day of the absence between 7:30 and 10:00 a.m. The call/email does not constitute an excused absence.

  2. The parent or guardian must send a note or an email on the morning of the student's return in order for the student to be considered for an excused absence. However, any absences not cleared with written verification three (3) days after a student returns will become unexcused.

  3. Students will be excused for illness, a death in the family, and doctor or dental appointments. Unexcused absences may result in academic penalty

Permission to Leave School

Students who must leave school during the school day must sign out in the Attendance Office with acknowledgment by the attendance clerk. In order for the student to receive authorization to leave school, he/she must present a written request to his/her period 1 teacher or the school office. The parental request must:

  1. Identify the need for release from school.
  2. Designate the pick up area for the student to meet the parent.
  3. Specify the exact time for early dismissal.
  4. Unanticipated emergencies are dealt with on an individual basis.
Re-Entry During the School Day
  1. All signing in or out must be acknowledged by the attendance clerk. Students signing in must receive a pass to be admitted to class.
  2. When signing in after a doctor's appointment, a student is required to bring a note from the physician or parent.


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Family days must be pre-approved by the student's principal. Please email the request. Days may not be used during major testing periods, i.e. 9 weeks tests, semester tests, or finals. BMA must be said before a family day may be taken. These days are counted as excused absences and do disqualify a student from perfect attendance awards.

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Temple Christian School offer full programs for the supervision of TCS students both before school hours in the morning and after school in the afternoon.

Teacher supervision of students begins at 7:30am each morning. Elementary students needing to be on campus before 7:30am will fall under the supervision of Temple Days Daycare – located on the TCS campus. Arrangements should be made through Temple Days for these early arrivals. School dismisses at 3:20 pm for elementary students (grades preK-5). Students remaining on campus after 4:00 pm will also fall under the supervision of Temple Days. There is an extra charge for Temple Days supervision. Please contact Temple Days @ 817-457-5500 for information regarding charges.

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According to school policy, any student tardy(after 8am) will be fined $5 for every five(5) unexcused tardy during a 9-week period.

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Grading of students is a complex and very individual process. The grading philosophy at TCS is that students are graded upon individual achievement asmeasured by their performance against an established norm, not in direct comparison with peers.

The administration reserves the right to require any student to repeat a course if mastery of the material is not demonstrated (even if the student has a passing grade) and that course in a prerequisite for a future course.

Grade Reports are available on Renweb at the end of each 9-week grading period.

Student Grades are available on Ren Web.

Unsatisfactory Progress Notices may be sent on major tests.


A   90–100
B   80–89
C   70–79
F    0 - 69

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Elementary students should have no more than 10–15 minutes multiplied by their grade level (15 minutes for first, 30 minutes for second, etc.). No homework is given on Wednesdays.

Homework is given at TCS for several reasons:
  1. Reinforcement–most students require review to master material essential to their educations progress.
  2. Practice-Following instruction, homework may be given so the material will be mastered.
  3. Remediation-As weak areas in a student’s grasp of material become evident, homework may be assigned to overcome such difficulties.
  4. Special Projects–book reports, compositions, research assignments, etc. are given as homework.

Elementary students coming to school with incomplete homework will usually be required to attend Homework Remediation until 4:00 in the Elementary Hall and will receive 80% credit for the assignment.

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Report cards will be emailed at the end of each nine weeks period. Students entering school after the school year has started must be in school at least 4½ weeks prior to the date report cards are issued to be entitled to receive a report card.

At the end of the fourth quarter parents may pick up hard copy report cards in the school office after final statements are paid. Final records, including achievement test scores, will be available for pick up after June 1.

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Honor Rolls - Students who make an "A" grade in every subject will be listed on the "A" Honor Roll. Students with all "A" or "B" grades will be listed on the "B" Honor Roll. Because of the scheduling of award recognition ceremonies before school the final day of school, last quarter grades will be evaluated, and included in determination for this recognition, before the end of the 4th quarter. Conduct grades will not be considered in determining honor roll students.

Perfect Attendance - Any student who is in attendance each school day and is tardy no more than two times will receive a certificate of perfect attendance. Family days do count against a student's perfect attendance record.

Character Awards - Teachers pair each student with a character award that is specific to each student. These are given at the end of the school year.

Academic Awards - Awards are presented in the different academic areas to the students who excel in those areas. Students must have attended Temple Christian School for the entire year to be eligible for major awards.

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The purpose of this policy is to ensure the safety and security of all staff and students on the campus of Temple Christian School. EVERY person on the Temple Christian School campus MUST wear a lanyard and ID badge issued by Temple Christian School Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM and 3:15 PM (staff must wear them until 4). Colored lanyards and ID badges will be utilized to quickly identify the purpose of each person on the campus as follows:


Elementary students will be issued a lanyard and ID badge. Lanyards and ID badges will be given directly to the student’s teacher. Elementary students will wear the lanyard and ID badge at the discretion of the Elementary Principal and teacher. ID badges will be kept by the school at the end of the school year.

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TCS has contracted with Lone Star Team Gear, 2223 W. Park Row, Arlington, TX 76013, to provide TCS uniforms.

The general rule to follow is that all students are to dress modestly and in a manner appropriate to the academic day. Students are not to wear clothing that promotes rock music, drugs, alcohol, immoral behavior, questionable movies, gangs, or anything using profanity. We appreciate your cooperation and support in these matters. Students or parents visiting during school hours should abide by the general spirit of these guidelines. Realizing no rules can cover all styles, the school reserves the right to evaluate any attire worn by a student. Students coming to school out of uniform may be issued uniform items from the school store or required to return home to change. The items will be billed on the next monthly statement. Parents should send a note if emergency circumstances cause the problem.

Lone Star Team Gear provides the only acceptable slacks and shorts for boys and girls and the only acceptable skirts and skorts for girls. Elementary girls may wear Lone Star Gear jumpers. Khaki, black and plaid are available in most garments.

TCS long and short sleeve polos, sweatshirts, cardigans, required spandex and required jackets are sold through the school uniform store located in the administration building. Elementary students may opt to wear regular cut blue jeans instead of uniform pants.

Parents and students should understand that students arriving on campus out of harmony with the TCS dress and appearance guidelines may be subjected to the following actions: warning, issuance and billing of proper uniform item, detention, requirement to correct the problem while on campus, requirement to return home to change, confiscation of non-approved item, or a fine.

Boys and Girls:

All students must wear modest fitting slacks and shorts in khaki or black, purchased from Lone Star Team Gear. Several different styles of slacks are available for girls. (Grabbing the slack material at the hip line, at least 1" of material should be able to be easily pinched away from the body). All shorts and skorts must come within 3” of the knee. All slacks and shorts should be worn at the waist with a solid color black or brown belt, if the garment has belt loops. (No spikes on belt) Students may wear leggings that come below the calf in solid colors which include dark green, black, white, tan or gray.


Girls may also wear skirts, skorts, shorts, or slacks purchased from Lone Star Team Gear. Skirts must come to the top of the knee. Short and Skorts must come within 3” of the knee. Girls may not wear warm-ups under skirts. Girls may wear tights with feet in solid colors which include dark green, black, white, tan or gray. Skirts must have TCS-purchased spandex shorts worn underneath at all times unless tights or leggings are worn.

Boys and Girls:

TCS polo shirts, long or short sleeve, may be purchased from the school uniform store in green, grey or white. All tops, with the exception of the untucked option, must be tucked in. TCS sweatshirts, cardigans, PE jackets and PE pullovers must have a TCS polo underneath.

During the last week before Christmas break only, sweatshirts or shirts other than TCS may be worn if they are clearly decorated for the Christmas season.

Current TCS Friday Shirts are acceptable for wear any Friday of the school year. Current Friday Hoodies may be worn any day of the week. These shirts feature the school's theme for the current year. Long sleeve shirts may be worn under these Friday shirts but must be solid color dark green, black, white, tan or gray.

Spirit Day

The first Monday of every month, students are allowed to wear any TCS tee shirt which was purchased through the school (ie. band, PE, SST, sports team, etc.).

Jackets and Sweaters

TCS uniform jackets, PE jackets, and PE pullovers purchased from the School Store are the only approved jackets and are to be worn over regular school attire. No sweaters, coats or jackets of any other type may be worn while on campus from 8:10 am-3:20 pm. Other coats and sweaters may be worn to and from school but not during the school day.


All garments should be hemmed and not frayed at the bottoms. No hats of any type, bandannas, etc. are to be worn during the school day (exception is during athletic practice or games when school issued hats may be worn). No visible tattoos. No "designer" contacts which change the eyes to other than a natural color. No pierced jewelry should be worn–except girls may wear pierced earrings. No non-natural or fad hair colors or styles. Shorts and skirts should not be "rolled" atthe waist. No visible tattoos.

Students attending TCS athletic or other school sponsored events are encouraged to abide by general school modesty and decorum standards. Girls should avoid bare midriff attire or excessively short shorts. Students out of harmony with TCS standards at such events will be counseled by an administrator.


Hair should be kept neat, clean and should ot be a distraction to other students. Hairstyles should not place undue attention on any one student, as determined by the administration. Boy's hair should be kept out of the eyes, not go further than the bottom of the shirt collar and hair length must be such that the earlobes are clearly visible. Pony tails and/or buns, fad hairstyles, and unusual or unnatural hair color are not permitted; no pierced jewelry should be worn; no hats of any type, bandanas, headbands, etc.; no visible tattoos; no "designer" contacts which change the eyes to other than a natural color. TCS issued hats are permitted during athletic practice or games when given permission by the coach or supervisor.

Boys and Girls:

Shoes and laces should be appropriate for daily wear and not designed to draw undue attention to the wearer. Dress style, athletic or loafer styles with enclosed toe and heel are acceptable. Boots may be worn with the school uniform. For safety reasons–because of stairs and loose surfaces–"Flip-flops", house shoes, sandals or shoes with heels are not acceptable.

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Elementary students are not to have electronic devices or cell phones at anytime.

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Drills for fire, tornado, and unexpected situations requiring a lock down will be practiced periodically during the school year. Please talk to your children about the reasons for these drills so they will not be anxious when they occur.

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Classes at Temple Christian School enjoy the educational advantage of learning away from the school campus. Students enjoy field trips which enlarge their understanding of some phase of their class work. Field trips are designed to be educational, as well as recreational in nature. All students are expected to attend. However, students may be retained at school for disciplinary reasons. It is up to the discretion of the teacher/sponsor whether students will be permitted to take phones or other electronic devices on field trips. Students are responsible for keeping up with their personal devices. The teacher and or the school will not be held liable for lost, stolen or broken electronic devices. Students that have excessive absences may not be allowed to attend field trips, this will be decided by administration.

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Illnesses: If a student becomes too ill to remain in class, school personnel will reach you by phone and recommend that you come to school and pick up your child. It is very important that the school office have an updated, working phone number on the emergency contact card to reach you. We have some temporary facilities to help comfort the sick child while he/she is waiting. However, transportation cannot be provided for sick children. If your child is ill, please do not send him/her to school. If a Student contacts their parent or guardian directly, concerning an illness or injury, without going through the health room, the student may receive an unexcused absence.

Return to school following an illness: Please follow the following standards regarding students returning to school after a health-related absence. These standards are in accordance with guidelines issued by the State of Texas and may be reported to the Tarrant County Health Department. Please note that these are minimal standards and certain children with certain illnesses may require a longer period of recuperation than what is listed below. Illnesses not on this list will require a doctor’s note before the student is readmitted.

Condition/Readmission criteria

Chicken Pox
7 days after onset of rash. Student must have a doctor’s note stating readmission is appropriate.
Common Cold
Must be without fever for 24 hours.
Must be without fever for 24 hours. An improving temperature is not enough.
Stomach Flu
24 hours after last episode. Same as for fever/flu plus vomiting and/or diarrhea must have ended and the student is able to eat food.
After application of medicated shampoo or lotion and approval from the school office.
Strep Throat
Must be without fever. Not before 24 hours after antibiotic administered. Doctor’s note required for readmission.
Conjunctivitis/pink eye
Doctor’s note required for readmission.

Excused from activities: In order for students to be excused from activities, students must have a signed note from a parent. A doctor’s note is required for more than three days. Parents of students injured or ill to the degree he/she must see a doctor must submit written permission before the student can participate in athletics.

Medicine: TCS health services staff is First Aid and CPR trained. Students are not to have any medication in their possession at school. All medicines are to be turned in to the health room in the morning with instructions as to the proper time and dosage. In accordance with the state laws, a signed doctor's or parent's form is necessary for our school nurse to administer any medication. (This includes any prescription or over-the-counter medication). All medicine, including prescriptions, must be in the original container. Students who become ill at school will be sent home if the nurse deems it necessary or if they have a temperature of or exceeding 100 degrees. Students having head lice will be sent home. They may return to school when the nurse has conducted a satisfactory head check or the problem has been properly treated according to Health Department guidelines.

Student Accident or Illness: Any student seriously injured at school will be taken to an emergency center, or a similar facility, unless the parent advises otherwise. Parents will be called to meet the school official at the center or a similar facility, so that proper permission forms may be executed. Minor injuries will be treated at school by the Health Room personnel. Parents will be called if a student is too ill to remain at school. Students with a temperature of more than 100 degrees will not be permitted to remain at school.

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Hot lunches, drinks, snacks, and ice cream are available daily in the cafeteria, with the exception of Thursday, at an additional cost. Hot lunch may be purchased on a daily basis by students either with cash or an account set up through commercial lunch provider.

Juan and Silvia Hernandez
3H Caterer Services
817-992-2191 or 817-733-1325
Lunch Payments -

Thursday is Pizza Day. Students may purchase pizza during their homeroom class. This is a fund raiser for our senior class and is not in conjunction with our commercial lunch provider. Students may purchase pizza with cash or check.

Students may bring lunch from home any day of the week, please note students do not have access to microwaves or refrigerators.

Elementary students will have $1 snack each Friday afternoon.

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Room mothers in kindergarten and elementary grades will contact parents concerning regular school parties. Birthday parties may be scheduled during lunch for the particular grade. Please contact the classroom teacher before scheduling a party for your son/daughter.

Party invitations

Birthday or party invitations cannot be passed out at school unless they include all the girls or all the boys in the class.

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The radio stations, WBAP 820 and KLTY 94.9, and TV stations Channel 5 and Channel 8, and Facebook will carry all school closing announcements due to inclement weather or other emergencies by 6:00 a.m., when possible. The most immediate source for school closing information is theschool website. When it becomes necessary to dismiss during the regular school day, announcements will be made at once via the same stations. Please do not call staff members for school closing information.

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Elementary students should be dropped off and picked up in the front of the elementary building. Elementary student should not be dropped off or picked up at the gym. Secondary students with elementary siblings are permitted to wait in the front of the elementary building. Students are not to leave campus to be picked up at another location. Students picked up after 4:00 may incur additional charges unless they are involved in co-curricular activities. At no time may a student wait to be picked up without faculty supervision.

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TCS provides daily bus transportation from Birchman Baptist Church to our campus. There is an extra charge for this bus service to help cover fuel and other costs, which is added to your monthly bill. A bus form must be filled out in order for a student to ride the bus.

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Temple Christian School encourages parents to be as involved as possible in their child's education. Visits to the classroom are limited to parents and grandparents of currently enrolled students. Visits by youth pastors and other youth workers are limited to lunch time. All visitors must follow proper check-in procedures at the appropriate offices. 

Classroom visits are limited to one hour unless a longer visit is approved by the administration. If you would like to visit your child's classroom, you are more than welcome. Visits must be pre-scheduled and approved by the principal.

Please follow these procedures:

  1. Call or talk with the principal, to let them know when you would like to visit. They will check schedules, etc.

  2. Please check in at the school office when you arrive.

  3. Classroom visits should be limited to one hour. Any visits longer than ten minutes should be scheduled one day in advance. Lunchroom visits should be limited to one time per week and are limited to church staff or immediate family members.

  4. Any items (supplies, lunches, sports equipment, etc.) to be delivered after 8:00 a.m. should be left in the office. Please do not interrupt the class.

Identification Badge Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure the safety and security of all staff and students on the campus of Temple Christian School. 

EVERY person on the Temple Christian School campus MUST wear a lanyard and ID badge issued by Temple Christian School Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM and 3:15 PM (staff must wear them until 4). Colored lanyards and ID badges will be utilized to quickly identify the purpose of each person on the campus as follows:

Staff – Black
Students – Green
Volunteers – Yellow
Visitors – Red

All visitors to Temple Christian School must check in with one of the main offices (Administration Office, Secondary Office, or Elementary Office). All visitors to Temple Christian School must present a valid Driver’s License or other government issued ID which may be scanned against national databases. Visitors will be issued a red lanyard and ID badge. Visitors must return the lanyard and badge prior to leaving campus.

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Temple Christian School encourages volunteers to assist in many areas of the school program. Some areas of opportunity include: Scripture memory hearers, library helpers, lunchroom workers, fund raiser assistants, concession workers, handyman helpers, etc. Temple Christian School has an active TPA Parent Support Program.

  • Volunteers are defined as those individuals who are on campus for a defined purpose and have completed Ministry Safe training.

  • Volunteers will be issued a yellow lanyard and ID badge. Volunteers will be asked to return their lanyard and ID badge to the appropriate office at the conclusion of their service for that school year or at the end of the school year. Lanyards and ID badges will be reissued the following year.

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The Lost & Found is located in the Elementary Office. Items brought to the Lost & Found that have a student's name on them will be returned to the student.  Items without names will remain in Lost & Found until Friday. Every Friday, uniform items without a name will be given to the uniform store to be resold. All other non-uniform items will be donated to Eastside Ministries.

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Any high school student who fails any class with a final semester average below 70 will be considered deficient in that subject. Such failure may result in a student being placed on "Academic Probation". Academic probation is designed to give the student encountering such academic difficulties the opportunity to correct any problems that may exist. By complying with the conditions of their particular probation, the student may restore his/her status as a student in good standing at Temple Christian School.

Students placed on Level 1 Academic Probation:
  1. Must not receive any failing grades on the next nine week grade report.
  2. Must complete and turn in on time all work required in his/her courses.
  3. Must schedule a conference with an administrator after every 9 week grading period.
  4. Must adhere to any additional provisions tailored to the individual student's situation.

Should a student on Level 1 Academic Probation fail to adhere to the requirements listed above they may be placed on Level 2 Academic Probation. Students on Level 2 Probation have the possibility of repeating a grade, required remediation work during the summer or not being eligible for re-admission to TCS.

For students on either level of Academic Probation, repeating the failed semester before the start of the next academic year will be required. A high school deficiency must be repeated through a recognized institution whose transcripts are accepted by TCS. Each high school semester is treated as a separate unit. In summer school Temple Christian offers many subjects for those students who desire to complete their deficiencies on campus. Failure to complete a deficiency may result in a repeat of a grade level or denial of readmission to Temple Christian School for the next academic school year. A senior must have all deficiencies completed before going on the senior trip or graduating from Temple Christian School. (In middle school similar evaluations are made with the exception that they are based on full year’s grades.)

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Students who fail a regular test may be given the opportunity to raise the failing grade to no higher than an "70" by doing a re-test or project which shows mastery. Test corrections or tutoring may be required. Retests will be graded as all regular tests - deducting points beginning at 100 - but no grade higher than a "70" will be recorded for a retest on the student's record. Grades may be raised by retesting, once during a quarter. Should a student fail a retest, the higher of the two failing grades will be recorded. Students are not required to avail themselves of the opportunity to raise their grades through this means.

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  1. The student is allowed one (1) day to make up work from a one day excused absence. If a test had been previously assigned on the day of absence, the student must be prepared to take the test on his/her return to school. Time allowed for make-up work for multiple absences will be determined on the basis of need.

  2. A student who is absent from school for any reason other than those listed under "Excused Absence" may not be able to make up work and may receive "0's" for classes missed. Exceptions can only be granted by the Academic Committee.

  3. Students should go to their teacher and ask for make-up work as soon as they return from an illness. In case of an extended illness, the parent may view the assignment on Ren Web. Parents without internet access may call the office to request make-up work for a student before 10:30 a.m. Assignments may then be picked up in the office after 3:00 p.m.

  4. Exception to above policies: Major research projects, papers, assignments assigned at least 3 weeks ahead of due date shall have the following deductions if handed in late:

1 day late – credit for 80% of regular grade
2 days late – credit for 60% of regular grade
3 days late – credit for 50% of regular grade
4 or more days late – projects will receive a "0"

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Withdrawals – Withdrawals from school must be made through the administration office. Any account left open will incur additional tuition and fees until a withdrawal is signed in the office. School records will not be released until all financial accounts are paid.

Dismissals-Students will be held out of class if the family fails to keep their financial agreement with the school. A student may be dismissed from school or un-enrolled at any time he/she is found out of harmony with the rules and policies of the school.

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Financial Information- Financial information, including tuition refund policies, is explained on a separate form which may be obtained through the office or at

All accounts must be current for records or report cards to be released or for students to go on major school trips (Senior Trip, etc.), or participate in tryouts for the next school term and to participate in graduation ceremonies.

Insurance-A small accident insurance policy is carried on each student at no additional cost. This is a co-insurance that covers only charges not covered by other private insurance. All areas of school activities are covered by this policy except tackle football.

Money turned in- When sending money to the school office; please place it in an envelope showing the student's name, amount, and reason for payment.

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  1. Communication between the parents and school is of utmost importance. School calendars are posted online. Communication may also be included in special meetings, notices sent home, or emails. The school website is a primary means of communication.

  2. TCS operates a 24-hour online parent information. ( Parents may access grades, lesson plans, assignments, attendance, discipline, financial information, etc.

  3. Parent-teacher communications may be in the form of written notes, phone calls, or emails. Parents may call the teacher’s voice-mail to set up a conference with the teacher, or may send a note requesting a call, or may email the instructor. All staff has individual email addresses for parents wishing to use this method. Click here for the staff directory.

  4. Parents will receive an email when their child receives a failing  or incomplete grade.

Phone Calls – Please feel free to call or email the office at any time. To contact a teacher, please call the office and leave your number on his/her voice mail or email them directly. The teacher will return your call. All TCS staff also have email addresses for ease of contact should a parent desire to use that means. To contact your son/daughter, call the office and the secretary will give the student a message or call for the student to come to the phone. Only parents may contact their son/daughter during the school day. Students are not permitted to use the office phone except in emergencies or to notify parents that they must stay after school for homework remediation. 

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As in any endeavor, problems may arise. Temple Christian School follows the Matthew 18 and 1 Corinthians 6 principals in regard to problem resolution. Parents should understand and agree that resolution must follow these steps:

  1. Pray about the situation and determine if it seems serious enough to pursue.

  2. Contact the teacher or other individual directly involved for a personal conference.

  3. If unresolved, schedule an appointment with the principal over your child’s grade level.

  4. If necessary, contact the superintendent for a conference. (If the principal or superintendent deems advisable, matters pertaining to student discipline or admissions may be referred to the Admissions or Disciplinary Committees at any stage during the above process. The decisions of these committees are final and binding.)

  5. If a dispute arises out of or relates to any of the services being provided by Temple Christian School or any of its faculty or staff members and if the dispute cannot be settled through direct discussions with teachers and administration, then the parties agree to endeavor first to settle the dispute in an amicable manner by submitting the dispute to one or more individuals who will attempt to resolve the dispute through Christian conciliation. If Christian conciliation is unsuccessful, the parties agree to submit any unresolved controversy or claim arising out of or relating to the services being provided by Temple Christian School or any of its faculty or staff members to mediation under the Commercial Mediation Rules of the American Arbitration Association before resorting to arbitration. Thereafter, any unresolved controversy or claim arising out of or relating to the services being provided by Temple Christian School or any of its faculty or staff members will be settled by arbitration in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Association. Decision of the arbitrator will be final and binding on both parties. Any costs relating to the conciliation, mediation, or arbitration process will be equally divided between the two parties.

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Elementary students may not bring personal devices to school. Any needed technological devices will be provided by the school.

At TCS we use technology as a tool to better equip students academically, however our classes will always be teacher driven. Temple utilizes a “Bring Your Own Device” program for secondary students in which High School students are encouraged to bring a laptop/tablet to use in the classroom. In our Middle School we leave the decision to bring a laptop/tablet up to the parent’s discretion. All electronic device usage at TCS is at the discretion of the teacher.

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The “Eagle Honor Code” expresses the basic expectations of all students of Temple Christian Schools. An overview of such expectations follows. Students and parents should understand and agree that these basic principles (further explained in the School Handbook), will be enforced by the TCS Administration and the Christian Leadership Council. Each elementary classroom has an Honor Chart displayed in the room to recognize students daily actions in each area.

RESPECT: (Manners, Cooperation, Wisdom) I will at all times respect God. I will adhere to rules established by the school and governmental authorities. I will respect the property of others and do nothing detrimental to it. I will show respect for my instructors and school staff at all times and understand that disciplinary action will and should be taken should I fail to do this. I will respect and treat my body as the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit and assure my appearance at school and all school functions will not only willingly comply with the dress code of TCS, but also reflect Christian modesty and values.

RESPONSIBILITY: (Diligence, Self-Control, Orderliness)I will assume leadership among my peers in setting an example of Christian responsibility. I will acknowledge the importance of academic work and its timely and accurate completion. I will willingly submit myself to the authority of TCS staff. I will realize my responsibility, as a Christian, to my God. I will strive to discover my God-given talents and use them for others. I understand attendance at TCS is a privilege – not a right, and as such, I will have and develop a spirit of pride in and loyalty to the school.

RELIABILITY: (Attentiveness, Preparedness) I will practice honesty in all matters of word and action. I will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor will I tolerate those who do. I will assure that my spoken word is such that all whom I may contact will come to trust and rely upon it.

RELATIONSHIPS: (Kindness, Servant, Encourager, Forgiveness) I will remember at all times that nothing except my relationship with God and my family surpasses in importance my relationship with fellow students and TCS staff. I will avoid harmful or derogatory gossip, name calling, threatening, bullying or hurtful criticism. I will never exhibit any prejudice toward any individual because of his or her gender, ethnicity or nationality, possible sexual orientation, physical or mental condition, or religious background, and will not use slang or other language, nor activities, designed to express prejudicial views. I will endeavor to lift up my fellow students. I will always be mindful of the importance of building a relationship of mutual caring and trust with my instructors.

RIGHTEOUSNESS: (Obedience, Honesty, Courage) I will endeavor to always be a positive example in all areas of morality, service to others and faithfulness in church attendance. I understand morality encompasses, among its many areas; sexual behavior, avoiding profanity or vulgarity, and adherence to the high standards for Christians set by Jesus Christ.

I understand my commitment to these Eagle Honor Code principles is applicable whether at school or away, during vacation times, and in my communication via computer, social networking sites, cell phone or other electronic devices or other means of communication. My goal and desire is to always reflect what a true Christian young person should be. I understand that the TCS Christian Leadership Council  may at times be involved in assuring I meet these and other Honor Code goals. I understand these goals are further stated and expounded in the School Handbook and agree to read and abide by all these principles. I understand my responsibility to abide by such rules and regulations. I understand rules and regulations may change from time to time and such changes will not relieve me of the responsibility to abide by all TCS regulations, now and in the future, as long as I am a student at Temple Christian School.

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  • Students may receive a conduct grade on their report cards.

  • Parents are expected to cooperate with the faculty and administration in the area of student conduct.

  • Students with a continuing problem of swearing, lying, cheating, stealing, disrespect, or fighting will be considered out of harmony with the school standards and policies and are subject to progressive disciplinary action up to and including suspension and possible un-enrollment or dismissal.

  • The sale, barter, or trade of any items at school is not permitted without prior written permission from the administration.

  • Prohibited items - the following articles are not to be brought onto the campus: knives, guns of any type, fireworks, any reading materials or audio or visual media not assigned by the faculty for educational purposes, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, legally prohibited devices, trading cards, chains, or anything that would distract from classes.

  • Gum - students are not permitted to chew gum on campus from 7:30 am until 5:30 pm. Fines are issued for violations.

  • Romantic physical contact between boys and girls is not permitted at school or at any school function.

  • Backpacks - Backpacks should be small in size. Wheeled backpacks are not permitted at school.

  • Publications - Parents and students should understand and agree that the student has no right to publish and distribute a student newsletter or any other publication without permission of the administration. They understand and agree that the school administration has the right, in its sole discretion, to control what is published, circulated, or otherwise distributed to students or staff, and parents will ensure that their child understands this provision.

  • Facilities and equipment - Students are expected to take care of school facilities and equipment. Disciplinary action will be taken when students abuse the facilities or equipment. A student will also be expected to pay for repair or replacement of any facilities, or equipment he/she damages. Every secondary student is issued a locker with a lock. If students do not keep the lock on the locker and the lock locked, the student will be assessed a fine.

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Conduct Considered as grounds for swift, progressive disciplinary action up to and including suspension, un-enrollment or dismissal:

  • Defiance or direct confrontation with school authorities
  • Stealing
  • Failure to comply with the terms of disciplinary probation
  • The possession or use of alcoholic drink
  • The possession, use, or dissemination of drugs
  • Activities which involve police intervention
  • Serious moral offenses. TCS expects students to abide by a personal policy of abstinence before marriage
  • Gambling
  • Personal misconduct that is deleterious to the good name and reputation of the school
  • Fighting/assault/bullying
Sexual Harassment 

Students will not engage in verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature directed toward any person at any time. Such actions may result in immediate disciplinary action and/or prosecution by the appropriate law enforcement agency. Sexting may be considered sexual harassment

Sexual harassment may also include any physical conduct, or verbal innuendo-whether implicitly, or explicitly, sexual in nature – which manipulates, intimidates, controls or in any way creates a hostile/offensive environment for another person. Sexual immorality, on or off campus, may be cause for immediate expulsion from TCS.

Right of Privacy

There should be no expectation of, and there is no right of privacy. Temple Christian Schools reserves the right to monitor any computer or electronic device usage or communication on the TCS campus.

Any activity which, in the opinion of the school, jeopardizes the reputation of the school whether on or off campus (at all times) may result in the offending student being subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion. Such activities specifically include postings on web sites, social networking sites, cell phone or other electronic communication of any type, etc.

Parents should understand that the school will not in any way be responsible for any event that is not officially sanctioned by the School Administration. Parents should check with the administration if they are in doubt as to the sanctioning of any event.

Unfortunately we live in a violent society permeated by drugs, alcohol, and other mood altering substances. We are grateful to the Lord that TCS has had few problems in these areas. However, it is our responsibility to be eternally vigilant. Parents of students should be aware that the school reserves the right to search the student’s person and belongings in the event the school suspects the student possesses an unapproved item or substance. Such a search may be conducted without the student’s or the parent’s permission. Registration of a child constitutes parental consent to such searches. Automobiles, backpacks, purses, pockets, lockers, desks, etc. may be searched if there is reasonable suspicion that any unapproved item or substance may be present. Any student refusing such a search will not be forced to comply. However, refusal is grounds for dismissal from school and/or referral to law enforcement officials. School officials will not conduct "strip searches" but may require access to pockets, etc.


We believe it is every person’s right to feel physically and emotionally safe while at TCS. Bullying can take the form of harassment, hazing, or a variety of other acts. Bullying is engaging in written or verbal expression of physical conduct that will have the effect of physically harming a student, damaging a student’s property or placing a student in reasonable fear of harm.

Harassment is threatening to cause harm or bodily injury to another student, engaging in sexually intimidating conduct, causing physical damage to the property of another student, subjecting another student to physical damage to the property of another student, subjecting another student to physical confinement or restraint, or maliciously taking any action that substantially harms another student’s physical or emotional health or safety.

Other acts of bullying or harassment can consist of assault, tripping, intimidation, rumor spreading, demands for money, destruction of property, theft of valued possessions, destruction of another person’s work, name calling, ostracism, taunting, or excessive teasing.

Cyber bullying

Is defined as the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group that is intended to harm others. Cyber bullying is when a child, preteen, or teen is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, or otherwise targeted by another child, preteen or teen using the internet, interactive and digital technologies or mobile phones.

Acts of bullying, harassment or cyber bullying will be dealt with by the school administration. Actions may include intervention, warning, detention, suspension, or any other disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.


The Administration reserves the right to prescribe any assigned penalty as deemed necessary for a given infraction. Furthermore, the Head Administrator reserves the right to amend any provision in these guidelines at any time when it is deemed to be in the best interest of the educational process and the student.

TCS reserves the right to dismiss, expel, or unenroll any student whose actions, attitude or presence is considered detrimental or brings dishonor to TCS.

Further, students may sometimes be involved together in wrongdoing, and punishment may be more severe for some than for others. Administrators and the Disciplinary Committee carefully consider each student and his or her part in the situation individually. Sometimes, serious behavior may seem to go unpunished or appear to be punished too lightly. In these instances, action may be delayed by insufficient evidence. There may also be an ongoing effort to sift through rumors and hearsay to determine what is indisputably true. When disciplinary action is taken, a student may be put under a strict behavior contract with very serious consequences for breaking it, the details of which are not public information.

Parents should understand that no disciplinary action taken against any student may be discussed with them with the exception of that administered to their own child. This is absolute and in response to legal and ethical requirements.

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Detentions-Detentions for disciplinary or academic purposes are not designed to be convenient for the student or the student's family. They provide a teaching opportunity for the student to learn that his/her behavior and responsibility affects not only himself but also the family and others.

  1. Elementary detentions will be served after school. Failure to serve an assigned detention may result in a student being withheld from classes.

  2. Detentions may be assigned for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or one hour. The amount of time will be indicated on the detention notice.

  3. Students receiving more than 3 hours of detention in a nine-week grading period may be placed on disciplinary probation and/or be suspended from sports or other co-curricular activities.

  4. The teacher assigning the detention will also give the detention assignment. The assignment may be: 
  • Extra work for the class in which the detention was given
  • An essay which has been assigned by the teacher
  • Disciplinary sentences

This handbook does not define all types and aspects of student behavior; however, the Administration has the responsibility to set forth policies, rules, and regulations to help each student. 

Additional disciplinary action may include in-school suspension, out-of-school suspension, probation, de-enrollment, or expulsion from school.


Serious offenses or continuing problems in one or more areas may result in the following disciplinary action(s):

  1. Warnings

  2. Detentions

  3. Probation – Disciplinary probation occurs when a student is suspended for a disciplinary matter, or a student receives three hours or more of detention during any one nine week period. Probationary periods typically last for 9 weeks. Student's discipline records are then evaluated at the end of the probationary period. At that point, the student's status may be lowered, raised, or left at his/her current level. Student's probationary status may be raised at any time should a serious offense occur. TCS uses two levels of probation. Level One is the standard level of probation. Should a student be placed on Level Two Probation, their place in school will be in jeopardy if improvement is not seen. For example, in a situation considered a "fight", the student will usually be immediately placed on Level Two probation. Further problems may then result in dismissal.

  4. In-School Suspension – Students in ISS are separated from their classmates and put in supervised isolation. Students are allowed to do their work being missed in class.

  5. Out-of-School Suspension – Students in OSS are not allowed to attend class on campus, or function in any extra-curricular activity during the suspension period. OSS days are treated as unexcused absences. 

  6. Un-enrollment – A student may be given the opportunity to voluntarily withdraw if the school determines it is not best for the student to continue enrollment at Temple. The school may also take the action of un-enrolling any student at any time. Un-enrolling does not show on permanent transcripts as a disciplinary or academic action.

  7. Expulsion – In serious matters where a student is not voluntarily withdrawn or un-enrolled, the disciplinary committee may take the action of expelling the student. This action is recorded on a student's records.

Depending on the seriousness of the offense, some or all of these steps may be omitted. Suspensions or expulsions may be appealed to the Disciplinary Committee. The Committee’s rulings are final. Students or parents appear in person before the Disciplinary Committee only at the Committee's request.

Administrators, at their discretion, may decide "a disciplinary consequence" without action by any other administrator or group. All administrators reserve the right to dismiss a student.

An exception for one student does not mean an exception for all students.

Students who are expelled or withdraw due to disciplinary action are not allowed on the TCS campus at any time (including all grounds, parking lots, and buildings), nor are they allowed to attend any TCS sponsored event (academic, athletic, social or extra-curricular), either as a participant, guest, or spectator.

TCS reserves the right to bar any person – parent, student, or others – from its campus at any time for any reason the administration deems serious enough to be regarded as a physical, emotional or other threat to any student, parent or staff member.

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