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Tarrant County College

How to Register for Dual-Credit Courses at Tarrant County College
  1. Verify that you have 16 credits on your high school transcript. (A community college requirement.)

  2. Complete the online Tarrant County College admission form: a) Go to b)Select apply for admission c) Complete the admission application form online.

  3. Select the course that you wish to take for Dual Enrollment. (See list below)

  4. Go to the Guidance Counselor office at Temple Christian School to get a transcript in a sealed envelope and to have the Dual Enrollment Form signed.

  5. Go to the Tarrant County College admission office and take your transcript.

  6. Print an online Dual Credit form.

  7. Complete form and get the guidance counselor’s signature.

  8. After submitting forms, pay to take the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment. You can be exempt from needing to take the test with the required ACT or SAT score (see TSI link under College Corner on the TCS website.)

  9. Take your TSI Assessment scores to the Tarrant County Admission office and register for classes.

  10. Purchase necessary books either through TCC bookstore or online.

Temple Christian School required courses that can be fulfilled through Dual Enrollment courses:
  • US History – Hist 1301, United States History to 1876 AND Hist 1302, United States history since 1876

  • Economics – Econ 2301, Principles of Macroeconomics

  • Government – Govt 2305, United States Government

  • English 12 – Engl 1301, English Composition I AND Eng 1302, English Composition II

  • Speech – (½) credit –SPCH 1311, Intro to Speech Communication

  • Health– (½) credit –KINE-1304, Personal and Community Health

  • Spanish III – Span 2311 Intermediate Spanish I - This class requires only 1 semester – you will receive 4 college credit hours and 1 High School credit for this class.

  • Computer Webmastering – COSC 1401 Microcomputer Applications or COSC 1420C Programming - This class requires only 1 semester – you will receive 4 college credit hours and 1 High School credit for this class.

  • Math 1314 – Functional Approach to College Algebra – (take this class after Pre-Cal/Trig or College Algebra Preparatory) - This class requires only 1 semester – you will receive 3 college credit hours and 1 High School credit for this class.

If you want to take another course to fulfill an elective credit need, please visit the Guidance Office for approval.

*Dual Credit classes are given honors credit as long as the grade is 85 or above. A grade of a C (75 and under) will not receive honors credit at TCS. A grade below 70 will not receive any high school credit.*Be cautious about taking classes the second summer semester that are not online. TCS will begin school before the semester is completed. *Remember that these are college level courses. Professors will expect to communicate only with the student, not the parents. Please expect to take on the responsibility of self-paced, difficult work. Most professors do not accept late work, and due dates are typically given at the first of each semester. Students are expected to be responsible for obtaining a numerical grade from their professor when the course is complete. Colleges do not issue number grades on the transcript.


Print above instructions